15 Best Psychic-Type Pokemon, Ranked

There are three types of Psychic Pokemon: smart, smarter, and smart enough to get on this list.

In the beginning of Pokemon, Psychic-Types could not be defeated. Not exactly, but close enough that raising an Alakazam was the golden ticket to beating Red, Blue, or Yellow. No matter who else was on your team, you’d be almost impossible to stop if you had a friend who could help you grow your Kadabra.

This was fixed right away when Gold and Silver came out, especially when Dark-type Pokemon were added. As time has gone on, Psychic has gone from “unstoppable” to “good, but not unstoppable.” Even though they aren’t as strong as they used to be, there are still a lot of Psychic-type Pokemon that you should add to your team, whether for their strength or because they are cute.

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