7 Tips on How to Care for Your Mixer Grinder

A mixer grinder is one of the most frequently used kitchen appliances in every house for varied needs. It could be for preparing smoothies, juices, powdered spices, curry bases, chutneys and purees. To maintain its longevity, you need to clean and maintain it regularly. You must do it not just for functionality but also for the hygiene and safety of food.

Though you may do the basic cleaning and maintenance, there are a few tips you may need to be aware of.

Below are top tips for smooth and effortless cleaning of your mixer grinder.

Wash and Dry Thoroughly After Every Use

People use a mixer grinder at home almost every day. People rinse the jars with water and close the lid, which results in the build-up of rust and moulds. To avoid this problem, you need to ensure that you thoroughly dry the jars after washing.

Follow a predefined process to clean the jar to weed out whatever food remnants get stuck inside or outside. Put a liquid detergent inside the jars, remove stains with a scrubber, wash them with clean water, and keep the jars upside down to dry them. Once the jars are dry, close the lid and keep them in their designated place.

Lock the Lid Properly Before Use

Locking the lid properly before and after use is a part of the caring routine for your mixer. Sometimes, the lids of the jars may be loose. Before turning on the mixer, close the lid properly or place your hand on it to apply pressure. Newer models come with lid locks, eradicating this problem.

Always Increase the Speed Gradually

Avoid starting the mixer grinder abruptly, especially at high speeds. Start with low speed and gradually shift to medium and then high to increase the motor’s life. After using the mixer grinder, always check if the speed knob is off.

Cool Down Hot Food Completely

Don’t put hot food inside the jar. As the mixer grinder swirls, the heat generated will force open the lid of the jar, creating a mess in your kitchen. Overheating may stop the working of the mixer grinder and damage the product. Before putting ingredients in the jar, let the food items cool down completely.

Clean the Base of the Jars

Always clean the base of the jars, especially the rotating machine area. It is the ignored area that most people avoid cleaning. For machines to work properly and to avoid fungus build-up, you need to clean this part whenever it gets dirty.

Clean the Switch, Cord and Main Unit

Clean the switch and the cord using a damp cloth and let it dry before using the appliance. Fold the cord properly when the mixer grinder is not in use. Use a damp cloth to wipe the main unit clean.

Avoid Using Accessories Other Than the Ones Provided by the Manufacturer

Use only those accessories provided with the mixer grinder. Avoid using different jars or blades, as this can affect the performance and efficiency of the appliance. 

Using a mixer grinder might be easy. It would help if you spent some time and put in a little effort to clean and maintain it regularly. We cannot deny that cleanliness and hygiene are very important, especially when food is involved. Keep your mixer grinder in top-notch condition. You must follow all the tips mentioned above. You can maintain its efficiency, longevity, reliability and versatility. It is all about that little care and maintenance to keep your kitchen appliances running smoothly

All these tips can be useful for every type of grinder, whether dry or wet grinder.

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