Are you planning a trip to Dubai? Things You Should Remember

Trip to Dubai has grown to be one of the most popular destinations in the world. This time, Dubai is your exotic getaway from the everyday chaos. Dubai has mesmerising beach, magical nightlife and more.

There are also some myths about Dubai and its culture. Dubai is not only for billionaires. Cleaning and handyman Dubai can make Dubai’s lifestyle luxurious.

If this is your first time visiting this city in the Emirate, you should plan this trip months in advance. You should plan your trip to Dubai months in advance.

Visit When:

It’s not a mountain station, but you still need to be very specific about the time of your trip. Dubai has a variety of activities to take a break from the monotony of your daily life. We recommend that you plan your trip to Dubai between October and April. According to Handyman , Carpenter Dubai experts, this is the best time for you to plan your trip.

Winter is the best time to go. The perfect weather for beach time is available in Winter. Look for flights to Dubai six months in advanced as a bonus. Also, book your hotel before you arrive in Dubai.

Dubai hasn’t Banned Alcohol

You’re wrong if you believe that Dubai is a “dry city” due to its religious restrictions. In Dubai, alcohol is sold in bars that are licensed. The majority of bars have happy hours. You can also go out to drink if you are at least 21 years old and have your ID card with you. There are some surprising deals for women in Dubai. Visitors are required to possess a liquor license if they want to buy alcohol in Dubai.

Dubai – The Expensive City!

Booking your flight and hotel in advance is a good idea, as Dubai has higher prices. In Winter, prices for souvenirs, jewelry, etc. can be higher than normal. The summer months are hotter and people prefer to stay indoors. You must go to Dubai during the summer to get a good deal. You can’t relax in the heat of summer. You can spend your time at restaurants, shopping centers, or multiplexes. Don’t forget your sunscreen.

Dress modestly

Packing for a Dubai vacation is a good idea for you and your family. In public, women are expected to wear something that is not too tight, short or transparent. Men should also wear shirts or be fully dressed when they are in public. You can wear shorts or a bikini on the beach. Do not argue with anyone who accuses you of being ill-dressed. Say calmly that you are going to change your dress at home.

Weekends are Friday and Saturday

The weekend in Dubai is defined as Friday and Saturday. On Fridays, most citizens can take a day off. On Fridays, Muslims attend prayer meetings. Many spots are open on weekends. The most popular nights of the week are Friday and Thursday. The malls are open until midnight.

Do not show affection in public places

It is not acceptable for couples to display affection in public. You might be tempted to take romantic photos with your spouse or partner in exotic places. Resist temptation. Kissing your partner is not allowed. In public, married couples are allowed to hold hands.

Dubai is a foodie’s paradise

Shawarma is a must-try if you’ve ever been to Dubai. Shawarma is wrapped with chicken or beef, pickles, garlic tahini, lettuce and tomato. You can also choose a falafel sandwich if you do not like meat. Dubai Marina offers a variety of affordable meals. You can also enjoy exotic cuisine on cruises.

Due to the high cost of alcohol, most hotels and restaurants offer a Friday brunch. You can get a great deal on a full-service buffet and a beverage package when you have brunch.

Dubai is safe

The United Arab Emirates, according to the most recent research, is currently the second safest nation. Dubai is the most secure Emirate of this nation. Street crime is very rare in Dubai. It is easy to get a taxi at night. The most common crimes are reckless driving, illegal crossing of the street, and motorists ignoring public safety.

Please ask permission before clicking on any pictures

Asking permission is required before you take pictures in Dubai. You should also be cautious when taking photos with strangers. You don’t need permission if it is a popular tourist attraction. Do not take pictures of airports, government buildings, military structures, etc.

Ramadan: Behave modestly

You should exercise extra caution if you happen to land in Dubai at the time of Ramadan. Ramadan lasts the entire ninth calendar month. Ramadan is a fasting celebration. Respect their traditions. It’s not a good idea to eat or drink in public during the day.

Last but not least, be careful with what you say

Dubai is a place where word of mouth is important. It may be a promising place, but that doesn’t mean it allows for freedom of expression. You can use social media like YouTube, Google, Twitter etc. You should always think before posting anything on social media. A statement that is deemed to be a threat against the Emirati Government can lead to punishment.

You should avoid getting into trouble until you have left the country. The laws, and especially the cybercrime law, are very strict, both for citizens and tourists. You should control your emotions and behavior while you live in Dubai.

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