BigCommerce Migration Made Easy: Your Step-by-Step Guide

When you decide to switch your online store to a new platform, it’s a significant decision. This change can greatly impact how well your store functions and how successful it can be. BigCommerce is an excellent option for this process. It offers a wide range of tools and features specifically designed to help businesses online. 

Thus, in this blog, we will explain to you all the steps you have to follow to successfully migrate your store to the BigCommerce platform. We ensure the process is fully hassle-free and quick. Additionally, to save time and resources, you can hire a BigCommerce migration services provider who can help you with the migration process.

Steps to Migrate Your Store to BigCommerce

Certainly, these are the steps you need to perform for a successful migration.

Getting Prepared for the Move

Before starting with the step, it’s crucial to assess the performance of your current online store. This evaluation will help you plan the transition effectively. Determine your goals for the migration. Do you want your store to load faster, sell more products, or be more user-friendly? Setting clear objectives is essential. 

Plan everything in advance to avoid any issues. A well-designed plan will provide guidance on what needs to be done, when to do it, and how to do it. Calculate the budget and resources required for the transition to ensure you’re adequately prepared. After that, choose your BigCommerce plan.

Choosing the Right BigCommerce Plan

BigCommerce offers various plans, so carefully evaluate them and select the one that best suits your business and budget. Ensure the chosen BigCommerce plan provides all the necessary features and aligns with the size of your business.

Migrating Your Data

Transferring all your data from your old store to BigCommerce is a critical step. Ensure that your data is properly prepared to integrate into BigCommerce seamlessly. Then, execute the data migration to your new BigCommerce store. Double-check to ensure the data is accurate and complete. Now, modify your BigCommerce store face.

Updating Your Store’s Appearance

Your website’s first page is like the face of your brand. Review the design of your old store and decide if it needs any updates. Choose a design for your BigCommerce store that aligns with your brand and goals. Customize your BigCommerce store’s appearance to match your preferences. Then, work on SEO and content creation.

Moving SEO and Content

Don’t lose the progress you’ve made in search engine rankings. Transfer all your SEO settings and content to BigCommerce. Move the text and images from your old store to your new BigCommerce store. Additionally, you can use “301 redirects” to ensure that search engines still recognize your store after the move. Made all the necessary adjustments to the payment and other settings.

Adjusting Payment and Other Tools

Ensure that your payment systems continue to function smoothly by transferring the payment settings. Reconnect any other tools and apps you use to your new BigCommerce store. However, you can also download the plugins for additional features from the BigCommerce app store. There are multiple apps that provide numerous customized features. After that, test and verify all the settings.

Testing and Verification

Before opening your store to the public, it’s vital to test everything to ensure it’s functioning correctly. If any issues arise, resolve them before officially launching your business. Make sure your store is user-friendly and easy for customers to make purchases.  Ensure that everything is placed in the right position and working effortlessly. After that, it’s vital to make regular improvements in your new store.

Continuous Improvement After Migration

Regularly monitor the performance of your BigCommerce store and make enhancements when necessary. Take advantage of the valuable features that BigCommerce offers to help your business grow. Listen to customer feedback and use it to improve your store continually.

Thus, it is really important to monitor the effectiveness of your new store regularly. Additionally, to get more features, you can download vital apps from the BigCommerce Play Store. Therefore, these are all the steps you have to follow to complete the migration process. So, if you want to migrate or create your store from scratch and want to do it early, you can hire a dedicated BigCommerce developer who is a professional and has experience in this field. Consequently, MakkPress Technologies is the top ecommerce marketing agency that has provided BigCommerce migration services for years.


Once you’ve successfully completed the move, take a step back to look at things again. you will see the benefits of using BigCommerce for your online store, such as improved performance and happier customers. Indeed, if you haven’t done it yet, it’s time to migrate your online store to BigCommerce with MakkPress Technologies.

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