How To Tell The Difference Between Cracked Glass and a Broken LCD?

Nothing is worse than watching your smartphone fall and knowing that you can do nothing to prevent it from getting damaged. A Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen and a glass screen are the two thin layers of a smartphone’s screen. So if your screen breaks, it can be an LCD screen malfunctioning or a cracked glass screen. These are distinct kinds of gaps that call for different repair techniques.

Layers of Smartphone Touch Screen 

Most smartphone repairs are related to broken glass and damaged LCD screens. Different layers of smartphone display are shown below. 

  • Glass: Any touchscreen device’s outer layer is either a front glass or a front screen. The fractured glass on your cellphone will be visible if you drop it.
  • Digitizer: There is a digitizer under the glass screen. The electrical force is what detects touch and reacts to it. The centre of the device receives data when you tap your finger on the screen. The digitizer on your device is broken if it does not respond to touch. To replace the digitizer, you must also change the touchscreen, glass, and digitizer, which might be difficult and needs time if you lack the necessary knowledge. However, if you are an inexperienced technician, replacing the entire front glass with a touchscreen digitizer is the best and quickest approach to fixing a broken screen.
  • LCD: Liquid Crystal Display is known as LCD. The visual component beneath the glass screen shows the image on your screens.

How to Identify Broken Glass 

Your smartphone’s display’s top portion is made of glass. Even though it’s intended to shield your device’s screen, it is just glass. It is, therefore, highly prone to cracking and scratching. 

While your LCD screen is working, it’s not uncommon to have a damaged glass screen. However, due to its accessibility, glass displays are less expensive to replace. 

When your glass screen cracks, it’s simple to identify. Spiderweb cracks and separate pieces are telltale indications, making it harder to use your smartphone.

How to Determine Whether an LCD is Damaged 

Your phone won’t function properly if the digitizer or LCD is damaged in a fall. You should notice the following indicators that the LCD has sustained complete damage.

Unresponsive touch screen: As previously indicated, the touch and voice commands may still work even if your phone’s upper glass is damaged. Your touch screen, however, will become fully or partially unresponsive if the LCD has been damaged.

Pixelated screen: A damaged LCD can also be indicated by a distorted screen. This may appear as rainbow-coloured lines, single or many lines of discolouration, or multicoloured dots.

Black Screen: When your phone turns on with a black screen or black dots on the screen, whether it’s an iPhone or an Android, this confirms that the LCD is broken. You might still hear sounds if you have an incoming call or text message. However, a crystal-clear image, touch screen, or display that responds is highly invisible. So, it is best to have a professional cell phone repair specialist inspect the device to ascertain the degree of damage so that the necessary repairs may be completed. 

It is essential to repair your damaged LCD screen quickly to prevent the damage from worsening. Be sure to purchase LCD screens of the highest quality.

How To Prevent a Cracked or Broken Screen

Although phone screens are simple to break, taking the proper precautions can help avoid such issues. Utilizing a tempered glass screen protector on your device will make it even more resistant to breaking or cracking, which is the ideal solution to avoid this problem.

A screen protector is useless in some circumstances, such as when the glass screen is broken. This is because the moving glass makes it difficult for the screen protector to adhere. 


Your smartphone would stop working if the glass on it or the LCD screen cracked. The best action is to go to a reliable repair shop if you have any problems.

Before proposing a remedy, skilled technicians will perform a diagnostic test to identify the issue. They can also fix if your phone has problems other than a shattered screen. 

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