How long is a yacht charter season?

A luxury yacht charter is among the most immersive holidays available. Unflappable service, complete solitude, and the grandeur of the high seas in a wonderful setting; it’s no surprise that interest in the sector is skyrocketing. Following record-breaking interest in both 2020 & 2021, this year’s yacht charter season is expected to be even busier, so knowing the language of the yachting business is critical – particularly for first-time charterers.

Elite Traveler breaks down how long each yacht season lasts, the distinction between high season and low season, and what industry insiders necessarily imply by shoulder season, to find the ideal charter yacht inside the perfect location. There’s always a best vacation for any season that you can find here.

Outlining the yacht seasons

Deciphering the seasons might be difficult if you’ve never hired a yacht before. Winter vs. summer, and high vs. low, are the two basic categories of season. Summer and winter yacht charter seasons both last around six months and pertain to both location and time of year; the summer season goes from April/May to October, while the winter runs from November to April.

The summer and winter yacht charter seasons are determined by weather and water conditions, with Northern Europe as well as the Mediterranean being the most popular during the summer, and the Indian Ocean, Caribbean, and Florida dominating the winter yacht charter season.

On the other hand, high/low season refers to the busier and calmer periods of the yachting calendar, having peaks in both the summer and winter seasons. Christmas and New Year are the biggest yacht charter seasons in the winter, with July becoming the busiest in the summer. Availability of yachts is generally restricted during certain seasons, and costs are often higher.

Costs of yacht chartering during peak times vs. off-peak times

Booking a yacht rental during peak season, like any other trip, will unavoidably be more costly. For example, the ultra-luxe Secret superyacht is available to charter for $900,000 during low season, while weekly costs start at $1.3 million during both the cold and warm high seasons.

Local events such as the Cannes Film and the DFW Yacht Show will also have an influence on yacht availability and week chartering fees during both the high and low seasons.

Is it possible to rent a yacht outside of peak season?

Since various regions of the globe have distinct peak seasons, you’ll be able to rent a luxury yacht at almost any time of the year. While many luxury yachts are astonishingly robust, with explorer ships intended to endure all weathers, yachting is often better enjoyed in warmer areas and calmer seas.

While chartering a yacht in Northern Europe during the winter may be conceivable, you may be disappointed by the substantially increased rainfall and lower temperature. While the Caribbean & Florida are both recognized for having pleasant weather throughout the year, hurricane season, which runs from June to November, should not be overlooked.

Keep these facts in mind and go ahead with your yacht holiday. You will surely fall in love with the experience that comes on your way.

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