How to do online company registration in Dubai?

Many business opportunities are available in Dubai for investors and entrepreneurs who wish to take advantage of the city’s ultramodern infrastructure, strategic position, and tax-free zones. They typically invest in online company registration in Dubai to launch a profitable business in this skyscraper-filled city. The company registration step, however, is more involved because you need to provide several documents and follow various procedures. Prospr is therefore here to assist you in overcoming the difficulty of company registration in Dubai now. You can register a company in Dubai quickly thanks to a step-by-step guide we are developing.

Detailed guide on how to register a company in Dubai

The actions you need to take are as follows:

Step 1: Identify the types of business activities

Identifying the nature of your business and outlining all the business activities is the first step in starting a business in Dubai. This is because the type and activities of your business determine whether you are granted a trade licence in Dubai. You cannot use your business licence to carry out further activities if you omit them from this step.

Step 2: Determine your company’s legal structure

A company may be registered in a free zone or on the mainland. LLC is an excellent choice for investors looking to open a company on the Mainland. All business ownership rights combined with access to the local market are available to you. On the other hand, free zone businesses can avail of zero tax advantages and exemptions from import/export duties.

When choosing a legal structure for your company, you need to consider your target market, legal requirements, business objectives, etc. Booking a consultation with Prospr’s business consultants is always a smart option. With the assistance of our expert, you can choose your company’s legal structure.

STEP 3: Registration of the Trade Name

You need to select and register a name for your trade based on your business activities. The UAE government has set a few name conventions and rules. Before choosing a trade name in Dubai, you should familiarize yourself with all those regulations and traditions. Following the rule, you can avoid needless delays brought on by trade name rejection. Once more, you can seek guidance from Prospr’s business advisers, who will ensure you don’t select a trade name with any limitations.

Step 4: Initial Approval

Before choosing an online company registration application, you should ensure that you have the necessary approvals from the appropriate authorities. Thanks to this preliminary approval, you can continue your application without issues.

To obtain approval, you must submit information about your company’s name, business activities, and legal structure to the relevant government. Once officials have reviewed your delay and ensured that it complies with all local regulations, you can proceed with your online company registration application.

Step 5: LSA and MoA

Foreign nationals will need assistance from local service agents when establishing a company on the mainland. Although they won’t meddle in business decisions or activities, these representatives will handle all legal requirements on the company’s behalf. A local service agreement demonstrating your and LSA’s mutual consent will be drafted. It is necessary to sign and submit this agreement to the appropriate authorities correctly.

You also need to draft the Memorandum of Association (MOA), another legal document. This document provides essential company information, including share capital, financial predictions, business objectives, and other information required for the business you plan to open in Dubai.

Step 6: Select the location of your business

Selecting a business location is an additional critical step. You should know that different places have different infrastructure, tax laws, and resource availability. To operate your business, you must lease a location that meets your needs and obtain a tenancy agreement from the landlord. Additionally, this document will be utilized for Dubai’s online company registration process.

Step 7: Additional governmental approvals

Some business activities require additional government approval. For instance, you need approval from the Ministry of Health if you are conducting healthcare business. What additional approval do you need to apply?

The business consultants at Prospr can help you in that situation. We keep all the documents and approvals you need up to date. You can avail of our PRO services, which expedite the company formation process in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Step 8: Send in the Required Documents

You need to provide all necessary documents to ensure a smooth application process for your company registration. Examine the list of documents you need to provide to register a company in UAE:

  • A picture of the business owner the size of a passport
  • copies of each legal participant’s passport and visa
  • LSA and MOA are notarized and attested.
  • Ejari Number (tenancy contract verification)

Step 9: Acquire a license and pay fees

You will pay the fee at the time the document is submitted. The registration fee for a company in Dubai varies. Speak with Prospr’s business consultants if you want a precise pricing estimate. We will guide you through the exact cost of company registration in Dubai. It would help if you waited until after submitting your document and paying the charge. The authorities will assess your application and issue you a licence upon approval.


You now understand the process of registering a company in Dubai. You will need to complete all necessary documents, which makes the process time-consuming and labor-intensive. Prospr provides a wide range of company registration services, including translation, licensing, PRO services, and document preparation. With our trustworthy company registration services, you can begin your entrepreneurial adventure in Dubai on schedule.

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