How To Set Up An Auto-Reply For WhatsApp?

Setting up an auto-reply for your business WhatsApp is a valuable way to enhance customer engagement and enhance communication. With the Auto Reply for WhatsApp feature, you can easily answer inquiries and provide essential information to customers. This automation makes sure that the audience receives instant responses, which eventually creates a positive user experience. By setting-up personalized and informative auto-replies, businesses can create a significant interaction that fulfils customer needs.

Now here the question arises how to set up an auto-reply for WhatsApp so that customers can get a personalized experience? In this blog, I will guide you about how to set up an auto reply for WhatsApp. A complete guide that you are looking for.

What is the auto-reply feature?

The auto-reply feature lets businesses create and set messages that automatically reply to the customers, even when they are unable to respond to them at that time. It is an excellent feature for those types of businesses that want to engage with their customers effectively even when they are not around. Auto reply for WhatsApp is not available for standard WhatsApp accounts. This distinctive feature is only available for WhatsApp business accounts. 

With this feature, businesses can set up away messages or even welcome new users with greeting messages. 

  1. Greeting messages- These messages are welcome messages that businesses send to their customers when they chat with them for the first time or after 14 days after their last chat. 
  2. Away messages– Messages that reply to the customer even after working hours are known as away messages.

Why use auto-reply for WhatsApp?

People are more comfortable communicating via text messages rather than any other form of communication. Mostly it is not possible to reply after working hours, due to a shortage of people or long waiting in the ques for a response.  

WhatsApp has found the solution to this problem. That is by enabling the auto-reply feature. By this not only do businesses answer their customers regardless of the time but also give them personalized experiences thus increasing customer satisfaction.

How to set up an auto-reply for WhatsApp business?

whatsApp businesses generally allow small businesses to reach out to a wider audience more effectively.WhatsApp businesses details about the business like its address, the details of the products it offers, its website etc. 

The working hours of the businesses are mostly 8-9 hours a day. That’s when the team members of the businesses can communicate with their customers. But customers are not time bound, they can reach out to the business at any time. So now the question arises is how to send messages to these customers after working hours? The answer is away messages. These are the automated messages that make customers know that you have received their 

messages but are currently not available to reply to them. Auto-reply messages allow customers to connect with businesses on a personalized level, thus it increases their customers. This whatsApp business sets up an auto-reply for businesses. These automatic replies can be scheduled at the desired time.  

Here are the steps to activate auto-reply for the WhatsApp business app. 

Step.1  Set up a WhatsApp business account. 

Step 2. Open the WhatsApp business app, click on the three dots in the top right corner, then click on settings, and go to WhatsApp business settings. 

Step 3. Click on send away messages option.

Step 4. Turn on the toggle button and edit and enter your send-away message. 

Step 5. Arrange your send-away messages.

There are three ways to compose send-away messages. 

  • Always send- Select this option if you are not available to work for a long time in continuity. These scheduled messages would be sent to the customers until you don’t return. 
  • Custom scheduled- choose this option if you want to send an auto-reply at a particular point in

 Time. You need to set up the start time and end time if you select this particular option. 

  • Outside business hours– This option can send away messages to those people who contact businesses outside business hours. This option would be work based on working hours businesses have updated on their profiles. 

Step 6. Choose receivers. 

  • Everyone- These auto-reply messages would be sent to everyone who messages you after working hours. 
    • Everyone that is not in the address book– These messages would be sent to everyone who is not in the address book, which means to everyone who is not part of your contact list. 
  • Everyone accepts- With this option, you can remove a few of your contacts that you don’t want to send auto-reply messages to. 
  • Only send- With this option, you can select a few contacts that you want to send messages to.

How to set up an auto-reply for WhatsApp using WhatsApp  Business API?

This feature of WhatsApp is mainly used for medium-large enterprises. You can access WhatsApp business API with the help of a suitable business solution provider that perfectly suits your business needs. WhatsApp Business platform that uses WhatsApp business API  comes with a package of benefits like auto-replies, chatbots, quick replies, call-to-action buttons and much more. 

There are three types of auto-replies that you can set using WhatsApp business API. 

  • Greeting messages-

These messages are new messages that are used to welcome new users. Greeting messages can be considered a great way to tell new users about the details of the business, the type of product or services your business provides and much more. 

  • Away messages-

These messages are used to send to the users at that time when you are not available to reply to them. This lets customers know that you have got to know about their concerns and will reach back to them shortly. 

  • Custom replies-

Quick or custom replies are used to answer the generic questions asked by the customers. WhatsApp Business API enables this feature of Quick or custom replies. 

Crafting an engaging auto-reply for WhatsApp and effectively managing a WhatsApp blast message can greatly enhance communication. An automated response system ensures prompt interactions, while a thoughtfully curated blast message guarantees widespread reach. These tools synergize modern convenience with impactful messaging for seamless digital conversations

All you need is a suitable business solution provider and an official WhatsApp business account to set up an auto-reply using WhatsApp business API. Leave the further process to the business API provider. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1. how can I set up an auto-reply on a regular WhatsApp account?

A1. You cannot set up an auto-reply on a regular WhatsApp account because it is only available for WhatsApp business accounts. A regular WhatsApp account does not have this feature. 

Q2. How do away messages work and how are they sent to the customer?

A2. Away messages responses to the customers when you are unavailable at that time to reply. These messages are generally sent to those customers who reply or send messages to you outside your business hours. 

Q3. How does business API enhance auto-replies for larger businesses?

A3. WhatsApp Business API is generally designed for medium to large businesses. It provides more advanced features like auto-replies, chatbots, call-to-action buttons and much more. It enables customer interactions, and increased customer engagement.  

Q4. Can I set specific times for auto-replies using the WhatsApp Business API?

A4. Yes, with the WhatsApp Business API, you can schedule auto-replies for specific times. This feature enables businesses to provide timely responses based on their operational hours.

Q5. Do I need technical expertise to set up auto-replies using the WhatsApp Business API?

A5. Yes, setting up auto-replies using the WhatsApp Business API requires technical knowledge. It involves working with APIs, server infrastructure, and possibly partnering with a business solution provider that specializes in API integrations.


Setting up an auto-reply for WhatsApp can be considered an important strategy for keeping customers engaged thus enhancing their experiences. Replies like greeting messages for WhatsApp for welcoming new customers, away messages when you are unavailable to respond to the customers, and giving custom replies for common queries. These features are exclusive to WhatsApp business accounts. Larger enterprises can use WhatsApp business API for enhanced customer engagement. Auto replies effectively manage customer interactions, by verifying timely responses, thus leading to increased customer satisfaction. 

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