Ranking 11 Hardest Beast Soulsborne Bosses

The boss fights in FromSoftware’s Soulsborne games are known for being hard. The next eight animal-like creatures are some of the toughest.

Fans of FromSoftware games often say that all of the company’s games belong to the Soulsborne genre. This is a mix of the names of the respected Japanese developer’s Dark Souls and Bloodborne series. It is mostly defined by the way the games’ worlds and fights are set up.Boss fights are the most exciting part of the game, and they often determine whether or not a player will finish the game.

Many of their games have bosses that look like animals. These bosses are either caged animals or suffering souls who just want to get out. People say that nothing is more dangerous than an animal that feels trapped, and many of the beasts that FromSoftware makes the player fight prove this to be true.

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