Resident Evil: Every Leon Kennedy Appearance

Leon S. Kennedy is famous for a lot more than just his roundhouse kicks. He’s a main character in the Resident Evil games, and he’s in a lot of them.

Resident Evil players have been able to see Leon Kennedy grow over the years. When he first appeared in Resident Evil 2, he wasn’t always very confident. This was partly because he was a new cop thrown into a zombie apocalypse. But since then, he has shown that he is the cool secret agent that fans know and love.

A lot of Resident Evil fans fell in love with Leon because he was real and easy to relate to. Since then, he’s been in a few more games in the Resident Evil series and has quickly become one of the most important and recognizable characters. But that makes me wonder how many and what kinds of Resident Evil games Leon Kennedy is in for Capcom.

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