The best Dubai schools and Al Barsha kindergartens

best Dubai schools

Dubai has some of the best living standards in the world with its swanky residential areas, dazzling office spaces and mega shopping and entertainment destinations. It is not surprising that expats from around the world flock to the kingdom to work there. Many of them come with their families as they are aware that Dubai has a range of international schools catering to the diverse educational needs of its residents hailing from virtually every part of the world. 

The kindergarten schools in Al Barsha and the range of international schools throughout Dubai are some of the best anywhere. Let’s take a look-

1. Global Indian International School 

This is one of the best private sector Dubai International Schools providing a world class education to students from the nursery level to the high school level. They follow the Global Montessori for their kindergarten in Al Barsha and the CBSE curriculum for higher grades to impart a holistic value system to the students that allows them to excel at whatever they undertake in life. This Dubai international school is part of the globally renowned GIIS group of international schools and is particularly popular amongst the expat Indian community living there. It has a fantastic track record with regard to its students obtaining admission to the best colleges and universities.

2. Dubai International Academy

Dubai International Academy  is an Al Barsha kindergarten school. Its pre-KG and KG programs are held under the auspices of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP). Their KG program equips the students with writing, listening and speaking skills as well as developing the fundamentals of mathematics and measurement. This sure is one kindergarten school that most parents in Dubai want their littles ones to go to.

3. King’s School Al Barsha

This is an international school par excellence following the British system of education.They offer the English National Curriculum and conduct their examinations. The school boasts a large number of British expat students as well as others from over sixty nations around the world making it a true enlightening place for students in terms of their being able to understand and celebrate diversity.

It is amongst the most sought after of the international schools in Dubai, on account of its ability to provide the best possible education available in today’s times to its students. 

4. Dubai Scholars Private School

This is one of Dubai’s finest private schools that follow the British pattern of education. Ranked Good by KHDA, it provides a stellar education from the foundation level to the high school level. The fact that the school’s students go on to study at educational institutions of the caliber of Oxford University, University College London, Imperial College, New York University and so on gives one an idea of how good it is.

5. Credence High School Dubai

This is a fabulous school that provides a great education from the pre nursery to the high school level. It offers the Indian CBSE curriculum to its students which opens doors for them to gain admission to some of the best colleges and universities in India and other countries. No wonder the school has been rated good by KHDA and boasts more than a thousand students.

6. Repton School Dubai

This is one British school in Dubai that is rated higher than most others, as evidenced by its Outstanding rating by KHDA. It follows both the British and IB curricula which empower its students with access to the best pedagogy in the world. It provides a truly international education to students ranging from three years of age to 18 empowering them by providing them with the best amenities and facilities in terms of academic and extracurricular support.  The fact that it also offers the IB diploma program makes this school more attractive to those who want to pursue their future studies abroad.


Dubai has some really excellent kindergartens and top international school that cater to the diverse educational requirements of the children of both the local residents as well as the large numbers of expats who work and live in Dubai. The international schools of Dubai are run by some of the most preeminent educational institutions and schools in the world and provide the latest cutting edge facilities and amenities to help their students prepare for the 21st century. 

Dubai may be currently known as a business and entertainment hub around the world, but judging by the way they are emerging as a premier schooling destination for the children of the global diaspora, it will soon make its mark as an education destination as well. This augurs well for the whole middle east region and beyond.

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The economy of the Middle East, which is seeking to diversify into all manner of sectors including technology, will be well served in the near future by the large numbers of bright young people undergoing world class schooling in the various educational institutions of Dubai.


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