The Ungoing Mystery of American Widow X

Mystery shrouds the character that author Geoff Johns refers to as American Widow X. The only mention comic book aficionados know of the character by that name comes from an article in Bleeding Cool in which the author shared his timeline for the full story arc.

Although she isn’t mentioned by that name in the six issues of Geiger, that’s not uncommon. The duo frequently use working names for their characters. These generic names don’t typically match the actual character names in graphic novels.

The main story arc of Geiger takes place during a single volume consisting of six issues. The most likely place in the story for the widow to appear occurs in issues four and five when Geiger encounters a band of fellow survivors. These survivors haven’t undergone a radioactive morphing as he has.

The American Widow X appears in a historical event that occurs in 1997 when she exacts her revenge for some unknown wrong. This could refer to why she became a widow, which may occur either in the Geiger issue that introduces Junkyard Joe, a robot who went online in 1972 and cataloged 100 years of history, or in the spinoff “Junkyard Joe,” which expands the robot’s story. Because he tracks history until 2072, Joe knows things.

Geiger’s story picks up in 2050, at the time of his morph from man to monster. We know that he somehow travels the desert of Nevada and that he encounters other survivors and technologies that could somehow amend the events that began in 2030, the year the Unknown War erupts.

Could the widow not yet exist? Yes! The creators of the graphic novel series have become known for conceiving epic storylines that cross time and space. They planned her character, but no character has yet appeared by the name “American Widow X.”

Although the widow features importantly in the growing Unknown Universe, she doesn’t yet have her graphic novel issued, according to Matthew Price, owner of Speeding Bullet Comics in Norman, OK. So far, the only graphic novels in the Unknown Universe stories published include the six-issue Geiger, the Junkyard Joe release, and The Redcoat. The creators published the latter two graphic novels released in late 2021.

The character may receive her own spinoff, or she may appear in later issues of Junkyard Joe. Because the robot’s timeline intersects with her own, his storyline offers the most likely opportunity for her introduction.

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