Top do-it-yourself (DIY) ideas for presents to give to children on Rakhi.

It happens in the month of Shravan according to the Hindu Rakhi calendar on the day when the moon is full. Siblings have a special connection. They frequently argue with one another but also help each other. Their bond will last forever and nothing can break it. This event is a great chance to show how much you care about your brothers and sisters.

What is a good way to show love to your siblings. By giving them presents. You usually buy toys and clothes for your younger brothers and sisters. So, why not create something special for them on Raksha Bandhan. Making a gift by yourself demonstrates your love, hard work, and how much you care. Homemade gifts are popular now, and your younger brothers and sisters will really enjoy getting them. Here are some great homemade gift ideas for children to make a rakhi.

A photo frame that uniquely curated.


A handmade photo frame is a nice present you can give to your cute younger sibling on Raksha Bandhan. You can create your own photo frame in lots of different ways, like using ice cream sticks, handmade paper, cardboard, ribbons, beads, and more. After finishing the photo frame, you can put in a picture of yourself and your sibling. Then, you can give it to your sibling during the upcoming festival. The younger sibling will be very happy with this homemade present.



Small children enjoy reading books with lots of colors and interesting stories. Reading helps improve their control and understanding of language and words, and also boosts their imagination and artistic abilities. You can make a bookmark as a great DIY gift for your younger siblings. You can make bookmarks with animals or patterns using felt sheets. You can create bookmarks that have pictures of your sibling and their name on them, which makes them more special.

Make your own soft toys at home.


Children, especially young ones, really enjoy playing with stuffed animals. A lot of people bring a stuffed animal like a teddy bear with them wherever they go. A cuddly toy becomes their buddy, making them feel safe and cozy. You can also make a teddy bear or any soft toy by yourself and give it as gifts for young children during the Rakhi festival. You only need wool, fabric, thread, beads, and ribbons for this DIY project. You can also make small soft toys using pieces of felt fabric. There are lots of ways to make soft toys, and you can learn by watching simple videos on the internet.

Pirate Treasure Box


Make finding gifts for your brothers and sisters on Raksha Bandhan more exciting by having a treasure hunt with a pirate chest. Make a box look like a treasure chest from pirate cartoons and movies. You can put yummy chocolates, candies, and other nice things in a box as a surprise for your brothers or sisters. You can hide the box in any place in your house. Make a map with bright colors showing where you’ve hidden the Raksha Bandhan treasure gift. This would be a enjoyable way of giving a rakhi gift to children.

Make your own children’s apron.


Lots of children enjoy helping their mom out in the kitchen and being her favorite helper. If your younger brother or sister is one of those people, they should have their own cute apron for the kitchen. You can purchase a fabric with cute prints on it or one that has cartoon designs your sibling likes. The next time they go into the kitchen to help mom, they will wear the apron you gave them. It is definitely a cute homemade rakhi gift for younger sisters and brothers.

Make your own foosball game.


Impress your younger brothers and sisters at the festival with a fun small table soccer game, called a mini foosball table. This is a simple project that anyone can do. All you need is colored sheets, a shoebox, cloth clips, long sticks, and small balls. This small foosball game won’t use up a lot of room and will be just the right size for your younger brothers or sisters. You can also make a DIY gift for your sibling by giving them a rakhi along with chocolate.

DIY Dollhouse – Create your own dollhouse from scratch.


A dollhouse is a great present for your younger sister on Rakhi, and making one yourself is even better. To create your own dollhouse, gather a large box, cardboard, colorful sheets, and small items that can be used to make furniture and other things needed for the miniature house. It might take a while to make a pretty dollhouse for her, but it will look really nice, and your sister will love you even more for giving it to her. If you are unsure about how to begin, you can look up straightforward tutorials on the internet to guide you.

Make your own princess crown.


Make your younger sister feel special on Raksha Bandhan by giving her a cute princess crown that you made yourself. You will need large bows made of string and some small round decorations like beads or pearls for this easy do-it-yourself project. You can use your little sister’s favorite color to paint the lace ribbons and add decorations like pearls and tiny mirrors. It’s a cheap but really cute do-it-yourself gift for sisters.

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We hope you enjoyed the rakhi gifts for sisters for children mentioned earlier. So, which present will you make and give to your brother or sister on Raksha Bandhan. Giving a gift doesn’t always have to involve buying something from a store. You can create something on your own that will be much more meaningful. What really matters is the hard work and thinking behind the gift.


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