Unlocking the Benefits: Exploring the Price Range of Electronic Door Locks with Remote Control

If you are looking for a way to revolutionize home security, electronic door locks are perfect. Different features of electronic door locks continue to intrigue homeowners. The remote control functionality is outstanding as it provides convenience and enhances the security of your valuables and loved ones. 

Before purchasing, you must consider the electronic door lock with remote control price to be within your budget. The brand, security features, and additional features affect the prices. Discover these factors in-depth and explain why you need a remote control electronic door lock.

Factors Affecting the Price Range of Electronic Door Locks with Remote Control

Several factors will contribute to the price range, such as:


Well-established brands have a reputation for high-quality products, affecting the price of the electronic door lock. Consider functionality, durability and security features before buying an electronic door lock.

Security Features

Locking mechanisms are crucial in an electronic door lock. Deadbolts or electronic latched influence the price range of an electronic door lock. A lock with anti-tampering or alarm systems will also contribute to the price. Consider all the security features you need in a door lock while purchasing.

Connectivity Options

You will be amazed at how technologically advanced electronic door locks have become. With a remote control function, you can operate your home door. You will find that a door lock that provides a variety of functionalities such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or RF technology is available at a higher price.

Additional Functions

If you live in a modern home, you must seek an electronic door lock system with advanced features such as voice control. You may also want a system that integrates with other smart home systems. These additional functionalities also affect the price of the door lock.

Benefits of Electronic Door Locks with Remote Control


Imagine using a remote control functionality to lock or unlock your door, eliminating the use of keys. A single button click can easily get you in and out of your home.

Refined Styling

Have you seen how stylish electronic door locks are? If you love a refined style on your front door to match your interior, install an electronic door lock. Different types of door handles and locks will go with your designs.

Advanced Security

You cannot compare traditional locks with digital door locks. The electronic door locks enable you to monitor who enters and goes out of your home. Get real-time notifications on your smartphone on the door activities, giving you peace of mind as you can safeguard your valuables and loved ones.

Considerations When Purchasing Electronic Door Locks with Remote Control

Here are some factors to consider:

Price Range: These electronic door locks vary in price depending on the brand and features available. You must ensure the quoted price fits your budget while meeting your security needs.

Compatibility with Existing Doors: This is one of the homeowners’ main concerns. Will they have to change their doors to accommodate the installation of an electronic door lock? Choose one that goes well with your door to avoid any additional expenses.

Installation and Maintenance: The electronic doors vary regarding installation. Some may require a professional to install, while others are easy to install. Also, check the maintenance requirements and whether you must constantly engage with a professional. These requirements help make an informed decision while purchasing an electronic door lock.

Warranty: Since you are purchasing an electronic gadget, it is prone to wear and tear. Ensure that the manufacturer provides warranty and customer support in case of any emerging issues. Warranties and electronic door locks go hand-in-hand. How good the electronic door lock sometimes depends on how extended the warranty is.

Desired Functionality: When buying an electronic door lock, you have some specifications in mind. If you want one with remote access control, you must first check out the available types. Check whether you can integrate them with other home security systems, such as cameras or alarms.

Quality of Material: You want to choose a material that lasts longer and maintains stylish appeal while providing security. It won’t be delightful if the door locks can’t withstand different weather conditions and you replace them often.

As you consider installing an electronic door lock with remote control, you must consider the price ranges in the market. Consider the door lock’s brand, material quality, security features and battery life. Ensure you settle for a product that fits your security needs and is pocket-friendly. At Godrej, you will find budget-friendly electronic door locks with custom-made functions to meet your needs.

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