Your Guide to Preparing Your Kid for Preschool in Singapore

Preschool in Singapore

Is your kid just a few months away from starting preschool in Singapore? As a parent, you must be filled with a mixture of emotions. But, the same cannot be said about the kid who will actually be going to preschool. 

Kids have zero ideas of what will happen, what to expect, and how to react. They are completely dependent on you to transition into the new phase seamlessly. 

Take a deep breath, DE-stress your mind and keep reading the blog to unveil important tips on how to prepare your kid for international primary schools in Singapore. 

1- Don’t over prepare your kid for preschool in Singapore

If there are more than two months for the preschool to begin, you don’t have to rush your kid with the preparation. 

This is because any habit takes almost 2 months to form in kids. So, just two months are enough for the preparation of the sleeping schedule. 

While you prepare your kid for a sleeping schedule, don’t forget to have the actual conversation about why things are happening differently.  

Start by letting them know what preschool is, what happens there, and why is he/she enrolled in one in the first place. Ensure to mention positive details of how he/she will be able to make new friends, learn new things, etc.  

The notion is to keep things as calm and relaxed as possible, so your kid doesn’t get anxious about the new event of his/her life.

2- Create and establish a schedule 

Without a consistent schedule at home, it will become extremely difficult for your kid to stay organised in the structured environment of an international private schools Singapore. 

There is nothing better than creating and establishing a schedule to help your little one make a decision and act up quickly. In fact, a proper schedule can make the transition quite easy.  

Besides, a routine can help your kid comprehend order, sequence and time. With a routine in place, your kid will be prepared beforehand to tackle the set routines of preschool.  

3- Have a regular bedtime and morning routine

When working on routines on a regular basis, you will be able to communicate and connect with your little one on a greater level. The sense of belonging and reassurance created while working on the routine will help your kids with their peers and teachers in school, too. 

For instance, create an early-morning routine and teach your kid to make his/her bed, brush teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast, get ready, comb his/her hair, etc. This set rule will prove helpful when the preschool routine actually starts. 

The sense of independence you create here will be mimicked when in school, too. Your kid will understand his/her duties, including taking care of his/her things, packing the backpack, following instructions, etc.

4- Get friendly and acknowledge his/her success

Children tend to do things better when they are acknowledged for their help, success, etc. 

Every moment you find, try teaching your kid something new. And since kids follow the “monkey see monkey do” concept, teach them things practically. For instance, if you want your little one to be polite, try using words like “thank you,” “sorry,” etc., in front of him/her. The next time he/she does something wrong, he/she will impulsively use the word “sorry.”  

Similarly, when your kid does something good, try acknowledging it, no matter how small it is. For instance, he/she helped you put away the toys. Be thankful and appreciate him/her.  

This same behaviour will be reflected once your kid starts preschool in Singapore.

5- Plan a tour of international primary schools in Singapore 

Visiting the international school in Singapore ahead of time will help your kid get familiar with the environment, teachers, staff, etc. 

Let him/her explore and observe the classrooms, play on the playground or just walk around the campus. Remember, this time is for your kid to understand the concept of school in his/her life. So, take your time to explain how each and every setting differs and what will happen in each of them. For instance, while observing the classroom, you can let your kid know how teachers will teach, where he/she can eat snacks and make new friends. 

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Signing off

No parent wants his/her little one to grow, let alone attend a preschool away from them. But, as you know, preschool in Singapore is an important phase for your child’s development. Being positive and strong is crucial to help your kid with the new stage of his/her life. 

Use the tips suggested above as a guide to ensure you and your kid make it through the initial few emotional days of preschool like champs!

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